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12th November 2020

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10th April 2020

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3rd April 2020
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6/12/19: Stage Times for Aynsley Lister 6.12.19
Doors 8pm, Matt Pearce 8.45pm, Aynsley Lister 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

28/11/19: Stage Times for Buck & Evans 28.11.19
Doors 8pm, Buck & Evans (No Support) 9.15pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

23/11/19: Stage Times for Jesus Jones 23.11.19
Doors 8pm, Beautiful Mechanica 8.45pm, Jesus Jones 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

13/11/19: Stage Times for The Bros. Landreth 13.11.19
Doors 8pm, Liam Duncan 8.45pm, The Bros. Landreth 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

9/11/19: Stage Times for The Christians 9.11.19 **SOLD OUT**
Doors 8pm, Kev Andrews 8.45pm, The Christians 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

8/11/19: Fred Zeppelin at the Flowerpot TONIGHT
Tonight's gig at The Flowerpot is scheduled to go ahead as planned.... (more)

6/11/19: Stage Times for Big Country 6.11.19 **SOLD OUT**
Doors 8pm, The Cooler 8.40pm, Big Country 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

31/10/19: Stage Times for Wishbone Ash 31.10.19
Doors 8pm, Wishbone Ash (No Support) 9.00pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

24/10/19: Stage Times for The Icicle Works 25.10.19
Doors 8pm, Icicle Works (1st Set) 8.30pm, Icicle Works (2nd Set) 9.45pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

18/10/19: Stage Times for The Smyths 18.10.19 **SOLD OUT**
Doors 8pm, Jon Hunt 8.35pm, The Smyths 9.15pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

11/10/19: Stage Times for Stevie Nimmo Trio 11.10.19
Doors 8pm, Cain Paisley 8.45pm, Stevie Nimmo Trio 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

10/10/19: Stage Times for Beth Rowley 10.10.19
Doors 8pm, James Manners 8.45pm, Beth Rowley 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

8/10/19: Too Rex gig 28.12.19 Cancelled
The Too Rex gig at the Flowerpot on 28.12.19 has been cancelled.... (more)

3/10/19: Stage Times for Danny Bryant 3.10.19
Doors 8pm, Andy Crowe 8.45pm, Danny Bryant 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

26/9/19: Stage Times for Geoff Achison 26.9.19
Doors 8pm, Geoff Achison & The UK Souldiggers 9.15pm Finish 11.00pm.... (more)

19/9/19: Stage Times for Sean Webster Band 19.9.19
Doors 8pm, Sean Webster Band 9.15pm Finish 11.00pm.... (more)

13/9/19: Stage Times for Skinny Molly & Henry John 13.9.19
Doors 8pm, Henry John 8.45pm, Skinny Molly 9.45pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

7/9/19: Stage Times for Scopyons & Syked 7.9.19
Doors 8pm, Syked 8.45pm, Scopyons 10.15pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

6/6/19: Dan Baird gig 21.6.19 postponed to September 15th
The Dan Baird gig at the Flowerpot on 21.6.19 has had to be postponed due to Dan's wife having major surgery.... (more)

6/6/19: Stage Times for Hi-On Maiden & Priest Unleashed 7.6.19
Doors 8pm, Priest Unleashed 8.45pm, Hi-On Maiden 10.00pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

18/5/19: Stage Times for Xander & the Peace Pirates 18.5.19
Doors 8pm, The Cooler 8.45pm, Xander & the Peace Pirates 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

11/5/19: Stage Times for Connie Lush 11.5.19
Doors 8pm, Tangerine Tree 8.45pm, Connie Lush 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

9/5/19: Stage Times for Joey Landreth 9.5.19
Doors 8pm, Roman Clarke 8.45pm, Joey Landreth 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

3/5/19: Date change for Limehouse Lizzy 7.12.19
The Limehouse Lizzy gig at the Flowerpot scheduled for 7.12.19 has been moved to Sat 23rd May 2020... (more)

23/4/19: Stage Times for Mark Chadwick 23.4.19
Doors 8pm, Brad Dear 8.45pm, Mark Chadwick 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

6/4/19: Stage Times for Glory Days 6.4.19
Doors 8pm, Glory Days 9.15pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

30/3/19: Stage Times for Slim Chance 30.3.19
Doors 8pm, Slim Chance 9.15pm (2 Sets) Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

28/3/19: Stage Times for Ian Siegal 28.3.19
Doors 8pm, Ian Siegal 9.00pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

23/3/19: Stage Times for The Quireboys - Unplugged 23.3.19
Doors 8pm, Rebecca Downes 8.45pm, The Quireboys - Unplugged 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

12/3/19: JD Simo gig at The Flowerpot 13.4.19 Cancelled
JD Simo has cancelled his upcoming UK Tour.... (more)

11/3/19: John Otway at the Flowerpot 15.3.19
John Otway will be without the Big Band this Friday 15th March.... (more)

28/2/19: Stage Times for Ariel Posen 28.2.19
Doors 8pm, Andy Crowe 8.45pm, Ariel Posen 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

21/4/19: Nick Heyward info 11.4.19
Capacity for the Nick Heyward gig on 11.4.19 is limited to 120.... (more)

14/2/19: Stage Times for Big Country 14.2.19
Doors 8pm, Big Country 9.15pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

9/2/19: Stage Times for Roxy Magic 9.2.19
Doors 8pm, Roxy Magic 9.15pm (2 Sets) Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

5/2/19: Stage Times for Steve Forbert 5.2.19
Doors 8pm, Steve Forbert 9.00pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

31/1/19: Stage Times for MAN 31.1.19
Doors 8pm, MAN 9.15pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

16/12/18: Stage Times for Wolfsbane 16.12.18
Doors 8pm, Spunk Volcano 8.45pm, Wolfsbane 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

15/12/18: Stage Times for Dr Feelgood 15.12.18
Doors 8pm, Adam Sweet 8.45pm, Dr Feelgood 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

11/12/18: Stage Times for Chantel McGregor 13.12.18
Doors 8pm, James Manners 8.45pm, Chantel McGregor 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

7/12/18: Stage Times for Aynsley Lister 7.12.18
Doors 8pm, Jack Hutchinson 8.45pm, Aynsley Lister 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

29/11/18: Stage Times for China Crisis, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 29.11.18
Doors 6.30pm, China Crisis 7.45pm (2 Sets) Curfew 10.00pm.... (more)

17/11/18: Stage Times for Andy Fairweather Low 17.11.18
Doors 8pm, Andy Fairweather Low 9.15pm (2 Sets) Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

15/11/18: Stage Times for Wishbone Ash 15.11.18
Doors 8pm, Felix Rabin 8.30pm, Wishbone Ash 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

11/11/18: Stage Times for The Nimmo Brothers 11.11.18
Doors 8pm, Sam Varlow 8.30pm, The Nimmo Brothers 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

11/10/18: Stage Times for Rainbreakers 11.10.18
Doors 8pm, Andy Crowe 8.45pm, Rainbreakers 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

04/10/18: Stage Times for Elles Bailey 04.10.18
Doors 8pm, Angel Snow 8.45pm, Elles Bailey 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

26/09/18: Stage Times for Kris Barras Band 27.9.18
Doors 8pm, Piston 8.30pm, Kris Barras Band 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

20/09/18: Stage Times for Sari Schorr 22.9.18
Doors 8pm, James Manners 8.45pm, Sari Schorr 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

04/09/18: Stage Times for Joey Landreth 04.9.18
Doors 8pm, Jim Kirkpatrick (FM) 8.30pm, Joey Landreth 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

17/08/18: New Autumn Gig Guide Out NOW!!
The New Flowerpot Booklet is out and online as of now. Pick up the new colour booklet from the Flowerpot and selected outlets.... (more)

18/07/18: Stage Times for Hayseed Dixie 19.7.18
Doors 8pm, John Wheeler & Pete Robbins 8.30pm, Hayseed Dixie 9.30pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

23/06/18: Stage Times for Oli Brown 23.6.18
Doors 8pm, Jack J Hutchinson 8.45pm, Oli Brown 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

12/06/18: Stage Times for Dan Baird & Homemade Sin 14.6.18
Doors 8pm, Last Great Dreamers 8.30pm, Dan Baird 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

21/05/18: Spring Bank Holiday music at The Flowerpot, Derby
Spring Bank Holiday live music this weekend features Fred Zeppelin, The Scopyons and The Michael Schenker Experience.... (more)

25/04/18: Stage Times for Connie Lush 5.5.18
Doors 8pm, Benjamin Bassford 8.45pm, Connie Lush 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

21/04/18: Stage Times for Sean Webster 21.4.18
Doors 8pm, Roz Bruce Infusion 8.45pm, Sean Webster 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

11/04/18: Stage Times for The Christians 13.4.18
Doors 8pm, Jim Widdop 8.45pm, The Christians 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

24/03/18: Stage Times for Stevie Nimmo Trio 24.3.18
Doors 8pm, Benjamin Bassford 8.45pm, Stevie Nimmo trio 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

15/03/18: Stage Times for Difford/Hewerdine 15.3.18 (75% seated)
Doors 8pm, Boo Hewerdine 8.45pm, Chris Difford 9.45pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

07/03/18: Stage Times for Nick Harper 8.3.18
Doors 8pm, Nick Harper 9.00pm, Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

16/02/18: Stage Times for Dark Side Of The Wall 17.2.18
Doors 8pm, DSOTW 8.45pm, Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

08/02/18: Stage Times for Chris Wood 8.2.18
Doors 8pm, Chris Wood 9.00pm, Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

02/02/18: Stage Times for Still Marillion 2.2.18
Doors 8pm, Still Marillion 9.15pm, Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

27/01/18: Stage Times for The Quireboys 27.1.18
Doors 8pm, The Gloria Story 8.30pm, The Quireboys 9.30pm.... (more)

15/01/18: Steve Forbert gig on 12.4.18 Cancelled
The Steve Forbert gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on Thursday 12th April 2018 has been cancelled due to ill health.... (more)