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Carvin Jones Band :
8th November 2018

Elles Bailey :
4th October 2018

The Complete Stone Roses :
12th October 2018
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Latest News:
21/05/18: Spring Bank Holiday music at The Flowerpot, Derby
Spring Bank Holiday live music this weekend features Fred Zeppelin, The Scopyons and The Michael Schenker Experience.... (more)

25/04/18: Stage Times for Connie Lush 5.5.18
Doors 8pm, Benjamin Bassford 8.45pm, Connie Lush 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

21/04/18: Stage Times for Sean Webster 21.4.18
Doors 8pm, Roz Bruce Infusion 8.45pm, Sean Webster 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

11/04/18: Stage Times for The Christians 13.4.18
Doors 8pm, Jim Widdop 8.45pm, The Christians 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

24/03/18: Stage Times for Stevie Nimmo Trio 24.3.18
Doors 8pm, Benjamin Bassford 8.45pm, Stevie Nimmo trio 9.35pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

15/03/18: Stage Times for Difford/Hewerdine 15.3.18 (75% seated)
Doors 8pm, Boo Hewerdine 8.45pm, Chris Difford 9.45pm Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

07/03/18: Stage Times for Nick Harper 8.3.18
Doors 8pm, Nick Harper 9.00pm, Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

16/02/18: Stage Times for Dark Side Of The Wall 17.2.18
Doors 8pm, DSOTW 8.45pm, Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

08/02/18: Stage Times for Chris Wood 8.2.18
Doors 8pm, Chris Wood 9.00pm, Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

02/02/18: Stage Times for Still Marillion 2.2.18
Doors 8pm, Still Marillion 9.15pm, Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

27/01/18: Stage Times for The Quireboys 27.1.18
Doors 8pm, The Gloria Story 8.30pm, The Quireboys 9.30pm.... (more)

15/01/18: Steve Forbert gig on 12.4.18 Cancelled
The Steve Forbert gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on Thursday 12th April 2018 has been cancelled due to ill health.... (more)

09/12/17: Stage Times for Aynsley Lister 9.12.17
Doors 8pm, Jack J Hutchinson 8.45pm, Aynsley Lister 9.40pm.... (more)

02/12/17: Stage Times for Dr Feelgood 2.12.17
Doors 8pm, The Cold Heart Revue 8.45pm, Dr Feelgood 9.40pm.... (more)

25/11/17: Stage Times for Samantha Fish 25.11.17
Doors 8pm, Troy Redfern 8.30pm, Samantha Fish 9.30pm.... (more)

09/11/17: Stage Times for The Della Grants 9.11.17
Doors 8pm, Tom McCartney 8.45pm, The Della Grants 9.30pm.... (more)

28/10/17: Stage Times for Icicle Works 28.10.17
Doors 8.00pm, Icicle Works 8.45pm, Curfew 11.30pm.... (more)

30/09/17: Stage Times for Focus & Edgar Broughton 7.10.17
Doors 6.30pm, Edgar Broughton 7.00pm, Focus 8.00pm.... (more)

13/09/17: Alan Nimmo is Special guest with Stevie Nimmo Trio 14.10.17
Alan Nimmo will be the special guest of the Stevie Nimmo Trio at the Flowerpot.... (more)

11/09/17: Stage Times for The Pretty Things 16.9.17
Doors 8pm, Pistol Pete Wearn 8.45pm, Pretty Things 9.30pm.... (more)

31/08/17: New Flowerpot Booklet/Gig Guide Out NOW!!
Pick up the new colour booklet from the Flowerpot and selected outlets..... (more)

23/06/17: Stage Times for Dan Baird 23.6.17
Doors 8pm, Bad Touch 8.45pm, Dan Baird 9.30pm.... (more)

20/06/17: Special Kinda Madness Gig Cancelled 30.9.17
The Special Kinda Madness gig due to take place 30.9.17 has been cancelled.... (more)

06/06/17: Four Fighters Gig Cancelled 30.6.17
The Four Fighters gig due to take place 30.6.17 has been cancelled.... (more)

06/05/17: Stage Times for Flowerpot 6.5.17
Doors 8pm, Scopyons 9.00pm, Hellbent Forever 10.20pm.... (more)

27/04/17: Stage Times for Laurence Jones 28.4.17
Doors 8pm, Troy Redfern Band 8.45pm, Laurence Jones 9.45pm.... (more)

07/04/17: Stage Times for Danny Bryant 7.4.17
Doors 8pm, Tom Walker Trio 8.45pm, Danny Bryant 9.35pm.... (more)

25/02/17: Stage Times for Andy Fairweather Low 25.2.17
Doors 8pm, No Support, Andy Fairweather Low 9.00pm (2 sets).... (more)

17/02/17: Stage Times for Flowerpot 17.2.17
Doors 8pm, Sack Sabbath 9.00pm, Hi-On Maiden 10.30pm.... (more)

10/02/17: Stage Times for Stan Webb 11.2.17
Doors 8pm, Crooked Lords 8.45pm, Stan Webb 9.35pm.... (more)

09/02/17: Stage Times for Blair Dunlop 9.2.17
Doors 8pm, Kitty McFarlane 8.45pm, Blair Dunlop 9.30pm.... (more)

02/02/17: Stage Times for Live Dead 69 2.2.17
Doors 8pm, Liz Lenten 8.30pm, Live Dead 69 9.30pm.... (more)

31/01/17: Stage Times for Joey Landreth 31.1.17
Doors 8pm, Jim Kirkpatrick 8.30pm, Joey Landreth 9.30pm.... (more)

24/01/17: Stage Times for Popa Chubby 26.1.17
Doors 8pm, Ben Miles 8.45pm, Popa Chubby 9.40pm.... (more)

28/12/16: Stage Times for Th Rattlers 28.12.16
Doors 8pm, Kev Andrews 8.45pm, The Rattlers 9.40pm.... (more)

11/11/16: Stage Times for Men They Couldn't Hang 11.11.16
Doors 8pm, Martin Black 8.45pm, TMTCH 9.40pm.... (more)

20/10/16: Stage Times for Steve Forbert 20.10.16
Doors 8pm, Steve Forbert 9.00pm (no support).... (more)